Tourny Re-Cap

The First Annual Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open in Denver was a great turnout. 13 teams double elimination tournament. Teams from Fort Collins, Denver, Co Springs, Como, Phoenix, Austin TX, and Joker from LA. Thanks to everyone who came out to the tourney and traveled, it was great having you. Met some awesome people and polo players. Big thanks to all the sponsors. Here are the standings for first place through 13th place.

1st Place: PBP (Phoenix) MiniMike, The Mailman, NOD – Undefeated until the finals.
2nd: Bad Decisions (COMO) Charlie, Matt, Chris – Won first game of two game finals.
3rd: Truffle Shuffle (Fort Collins/Denver) Max, Will, Josh
4th: Retroactive Abortion (COMO) Drew, Pete, Joker
5th: Broken Spokes (Austin, TX) Mike, Miguel, One other great guy
6th: Spayed and Neutered (Denver) Jordan, Zach, Austin, Greg
7th: COMO Girls (COMO) Coleen, Megan, Julia, Maggie
8th: Cleaners (CO Springs) Adam S, Nick, George
9th: Dirty Laundry (CO Springs) Tori, Liza, Jamie
10th: PegLeg (Denver) Adam, Rahja, Dus
11th: TNT (COMO) Tim, Tim, Nick
12th: Dog Dick (Denver) Court, Sam, Pat
13th: Hot Shaft (CO Springs) Collin, Adam N, Chris

Photos will be up on the CogNation Flickr page at

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Thanks to Josh at Cognation along with his fiance, Kaila (i’m sorry i butchered your name again) who did a hell of a job running the tourny. Not an easy task with the level of competition that showed up, all out for the golden trophy. Congrats to Josh’s team, Truffle Shuffle, who took 3rd place, a hell of a showing for their first tourny. I also wanna give a special shout out to the Spayed ‘n Neutered, a Denver team that showed up and ending up representing the DMM very very well. Consisting of Austin, Puddles, Zack, and Greg. You guys played amazing and im so proud to be playing polo with you all here in Denver. we definitely need to get together and travel to a tourny soon. make sure to check out more pics from the tourny at, and some great group shots, along with incredible action shots. I also want to thank anyone who came out to watch the tourny, we love a good crowd and i dont know about you all, but i already can’t wait till next year!!! DMM POLO4Life – adam


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3 responses to “Tourny Re-Cap

  • Gregory

    We should set up a Thursday/Saturday sort of schedule.. closer to night, like 5 pm on Thursdays, I think a lot more might come to that.

  • denvermalletmafia

    great idea greg

  • Zachary

    Hey I think that on behalf of Spayed and Neutered I can say we all want to thank you guys first and foremost, DMM and CogNation , for introducing us to the sport and to the players! Without which, we would have never been a team and never could have competed. Thanks you guys ! We love you !

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