Travel time kids

I will be taking off to Europe to watch Le Tour among many other things. But don’t fret there is still plenty of polo to play, every Saturday at 13th and Emerson 1pm, there are games (extra mallets available as always)! And you better be playing cause the tourny is coming up on July 18th of course, and we are gonna have some stiff competition. There are teams traveling from New York, L.A., Vancouver, and Phoenix, to participate in the Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Tournament! you gotta be there for this, its the biggest thing to happen to hardcourt bike polo in Denver, ever! and you can say “I was there”. most likely the tourny will be played in a hockey rink, so i recommend heading on down to the springs on Sundays to play with CO Springs Bike polo, (they play in a rink) or checking out your local roller hockey rink to get a feel for whats its like riding in there. It really is the best way to play polo, i think. as always, send an email if you have any questions about playing polo, and as always everyone is welcome to come out and play! -adam


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3 responses to “Travel time kids

  • rahja

    you better be riding and practicing polo out there! YOU BETTER NOT SUCK AND RUIN OUR TEAM WHEN YOU GET BACK is pretty much what i am saying

    • denvermalletmafia

      i saw a dude riding a fixed gear with a polo mallet stuck to his frame. could catch up to him to stop him and ask where they play. i found a spot where i think they probably play, but haven’t actually seen anyone in action. I have seen millions of bikes, the city has stations to grab a bike and go, they are called “bicing” gotta be a resident to use them though, Ive only seen 2 fixed gear bikes. I did find a bike shop that rents fixies, i might do it if i have time.

  • CogNation Josh

    attention denver mallet mafia crew, we ARE playing polo on July 4th!!! Same time, Same Place. Bring beers, food, fireworks, etc. come ready to play some independence day polo! see you at 1pm, July 4th!

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