Bike polo practice games comin up!

Saturday May 16th at 1pm. 13th and Emerson. Mallets provided.

5 new rules!

1) games will be 2, 12 minute halves or first team to 5 points.

2) for now, teams will be chosen at random, throw your mallets in a pile and a unbiased party will throw 4 on one side and 4 on the other, thus forming 2, 4 man teams. Unless everyone wants to get there own team together and just go head to head, that would be ideal, just need enough people for that. Try to show up with a team if you can.

3) foot down penalty will be the same as bike soccer, a lap around your goal.

4) goal cones will be as wide as your bike

5) goal must be scored with a direct mallet head hit, no sweeping shots. and NO ricoshet’s!

I know everyone is stoked to play again, ive been getting lots of good feedback from the first game. These rules are very basic and should help the game become more organized so we all know what the hell is going on out there on the hardcourt.


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